Race Tuition Programme

Go Motor Racing with RACE SCHOOL IRELAND

Personal Training and Mentoring by Stan Chambers.

We provide training for every level of driver.

This includes race drivers, race engineers, driving experience days and individuals wanting to improve on their driving skills for leisure, work and competition. All training is on a one to one basis at Kirkistown Race Circuit.

You will be taken step-by-step through a bespoke course which will introduce you to the basic principles and techniques of high performance driving and teach you general circuit etiquette.

Course will cover:

  • Basic car control
  • Optimum driving position and posture
  • Racing lines
  • Braking and gear changing technique
  • Progressive throttle control
  • Basic theory of weight transfer and car ‘balance’
  • Under steer and over steer

For more information, please contact our team on (028) 9050 7010 or alternatively info@raceschoolireland.com

Previous Winners with Race School Ireland Include:

Eddie Irvine

Neville Anderson

Rory Farrell

Jamie Patterson

Raymond Knox

Colin Millar

Noel Robinson

Nigel Morrison

Adam Carroll

  • Advanced Courses Race Tuition (RT)


  • Intensive Race Training Program (RTP)


  • MSA Competition License Course & Test


Eddie Irvine Racing School
028 9050 7010