About Us

Our Mission

Eddie Irvine’s Race School Ireland mission is to be the best at what we do, giving people a wonderful experience and a sense of fulfilment. In the words of Hunter S.Thompson ‘anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing…’

Our Company

Eddie Irvine Sports announced in the winter of 2013 that they were in the process of purchasing the long standing Northern Ireland business ‘Race School Ireland’.   The relationship between both of these businesses is actually steeped in history given that Eddie Irvine himself took his racing licence here, at the age of 17 and therefore this business take over seemed like the perfect match for Eddie Irvine Sports.

Although the Eddie Irvine’s School Ireland brand is still in its infancy, it is our mission to uphold the excellent reputation that our predecessors made and to continually strive to provide the best Motorsport experience in Ireland.

We are currently the only fully Motor Sports Association approved licensed racing in Ireland.

Our Team

The Eddie Irvine’s Race School Ireland team is the heart and soul of our business. Between us we bring a wealth of Motorsport, and racing experience. We are dedicated in delivering a top class driving experience and creating lifelong memories. The Irvine family is also heavily involved in the business, and although we cannot guarantee that he will be at every Race School, it is also not unusual to see Eddie at the side of track in deep conversation with customers and spectators about his early years in Formula Ford racing.

Eddie Irvine Racing School
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